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How do I operate the wizard?

Add and delete video sources.
With a few clicks, the wizard helps set up network video, USB camera, Raspicam, and framebuffer.
YouTube Video: Add and delete video sources in 60 seconds
The quick start video shows the fast lane method without additional unique video source settings. It is possible to edit the source for individual needs. The selection of a video license has also been omitted. The settings can be adjusted at any time later.
Fig. 1: Setting up video via the wizard is easy

Step 1: Video Setup

Video source selection. There are 3 inputs to choose from.
  • Network source for use with network cameras or other devices with IP addresses.
  • An internal RTMP server can be used to send OBS streams to the restreamer, for example.
  • Internal HLS server

Step 2: Audio Setup

All the necessary configurations for the audio track are provided. As a unique feature, fake audio can be enabled. There are 3 different audio tracks available.
  • Silence allows streams to be transmitted to networks that require an audio track. Silence is often required for use in social media such as YouTube or Facebook.

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