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Video player settings

The video player is part of the Publication Service for the website and the publication website.
YouTube video: Quick start guide for configuring a video player.

Video player configuration

Fig. 1: Open configuration menu for player settings
Fig. 2: Configuration menu for the video player

1 Embed

The iFrame is the HTML element used to embed the video player with the live stream on web pages. We recommend keeping the aspect ratio of the video stream so that the video plays correctly.

2 Color

The customization of the colors of the video player. The syntax used is the standard for colors in HTML in hex color code (#fcee21)
A logo for branding with a graphic in PNG or JPEG format is done using the button. After the process, the public path to the picture appears. Using the dropdown menu, the position of the graphic in the corners of the player and a link can be assigned.

4 Statistics

Google Analytics tracking is activated via the GA code. You can find the code in your Google account. A new window appears in the video with various details with additional interesting information. There you can see technical details like the video ID, the resolution, the connection speed, and the volume. The values can be interesting for various purposes, such as technical curiosity or content creators who want to compare their videos with other content.

5 Playback

Select the options for the live stream.


Autostart video automatically starts the live stream.


Turns off the audio channel.


Start broadcasting with Chromecast.


Start broadcasting with Apple AirPlay devices.

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