Main screen

After logging in with your credentials, the home page appears on the main screen.

General system settings with real-time data

On the main screen, you can see the current video stream. Under the video player, you can find the runtime, the bitrate, and the frame rate. In addition, you find the number of viewers and the current bitrate in real-time for the publications.

The menu items in detail

The navigation points take you to the settings of the various submenus.

  1. System menu

    1. datarhei Service

    2. Issue alert

    3. Language

    4. Logout

  2. Publication services

    1. All

    2. Plattform

    3. Software

    4. Protocol

  3. Multi-video source

    1. Add source

    2. Switch channel

  4. Video Player Settings

    1. Embed

    2. Color

    3. Logo

    4. Statistics

    5. Playback

  5. Process details

  6. Stop Stream

  7. Copy HLS, RTMP, SRT, or Snapshot address

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