General settings

Besides the player, the Restreamer offers a complete publication website, for easy and quick presentation of the live stream.

2 Activate publication website

Check the box to make the index.html page accessible from the home directory.

3 Sitename

Sets the name of the publication website for the header and page title.

4 Main channel

Choose the default video channel for the publication website. This selection is only available if more than one video channel is active.

5 Share buttons

Activate the sharing function on the Publication website.

6 Chromecast

Plays the video stream on Chromecast devices.

7 AirPlay

Plays the video stream on Airplay devices.

8 Support datarhei

Support for datarhei Restreamer in footer. Thank you. πŸ‘Ύ

9 Open publication website

The button leads directly to the index.html of the publication website.

10 Save

Do not forget to save the settings.

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