Control area for the compilation of statistics of the users.

1 Playback settings

Settings for playback are only visible in expert mode.

Locked settings that have been set with environment variables at startup are marked with ENV. Disable or adjust environment variables unlocks the settings.


2 Allow all referer

Enable or disable Allow access from all referrers.

3 CORS security

The HTTP request header "Referrer" contains the page's absolute or partial address from which the request originates. The referrer header allows a server to identify a page from which it is visited. This data is used by datarhei Restreamer to bring essential protection to the live streams.

The access control takes effect when the hook is deactivated, and a domain is entered.

Syntax: One address per line. The default value is allow all: *

Accept all accesses.

4 HLS statistics for /memfs.

The audience count is displayed when the hook is active.

5 Ignore IP ranges

To exclude viewers from the statistics, it may be necessary to ignore IP addresses so that the statistics are not distorted. For this purpose, a list of IP ranges in CIDR notation can be created in the text field, e.g.,, which are not covered by the statistics.

Syntax: One IP range per line.

Record all sessions: Leave field empty

6 Session timeout

Length of the time interval in seconds when the viewer's session is terminated to no longer be captured by the statistics.

The default value is: 30 seconds

7 Persist session history

Session data is stored on the hard disk of the core host system.

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