We always recommend using the latest datarhei Restreamer.

Activate the checkmark at Update!

System settings >> System >> β˜‘οΈ Check for update

Check the box from version 2.x to benefit from automatic updates.

Migration from v0.x to v2.x

From Restreamer version 0.6.8 onwards, the configuration settings will be migrated when updating to version 2.x.

IMPORTANT ADJUSTMENT DURING MIGRATION! The mount path is changing at the new Restreamer. Older Restreamer v.0x -v /mnt/restreamer/db:/restreamer/db

Latest Restreamer > 2.x -v /mnt/restreamer/db:/core/config \ -v /opt/restreamer/data:/core/data

For all versions before version 0.6.8 all settings will be lost! In this case, upgrade to version 0.6.8 first and then upgrade to 2.x.

If this was too quick for you, check out the detailed migration guide.

Update v2 to > v2.x

The current version of the datarhei Restreamer is executed via the same command as during the new installation.

When updating from running version 2 to > 2.x, do not forget the docker pull command to the current image - then start the Restreamer with the usual docker run command.

Old Version v0.6.8

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