Virtual video source

With the help of the test signals, it is possible to test a transmission system, check for stability, or determine properties.

1 Virtual video source

Various signals, such as β€œGame Of Live” are available as an option with S23/B3 rule for test operation. FPS and size can be adjusted depending on the signal.

2 Video source selection

  • Test pattern

  • Test pattern extended

  • RGB test pattern

  • YUV test pattern

  • EBU PAL 75%

  • EBU PAL 100%

  • SMPTE EG 1-1990

  • SMPTE RP 219-2002

  • Game of Live

3 Frame rate

Frame rate refers to the number of frames captured or played back per period and is specified in units of FPS (Frames Per Second), BpS (Frames / Frames per Second), or Hz (Hertz). Default value is in 25 / 30 / 50 / 60 FPS.

4 Video Resolution

A resolution that corresponds to a display device's resolution (number of pixels) is called native resolution. The Restreamer works best with 16:9 resolutions.

5 Check

After a successful check, more details and the encoding settings can be shown.

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