Virtual audio source

The audio settings for a virtual audio source.

Audio source selection

2 Source

  • Silence

  • Noise

  • Sine

3 Sampling Rate

We recommend a sampling rate of 44100 Hz.

  • 96000 Hz

  • 88200 Hz

  • 48000 Hz

  • 44100 Hz

  • 22050 Hz

  • 8000 Hz

  • Custom ...

Sampling rate of the audio stream.

4 Layout

Stereo and mono support.

5 Check

After selecting the settings, the audio stream must be checked. The setting can only be saved after a successful check.

Pressing the button verifies the reception of the video signal.


If the audio source is not accepted, the error message can be displayed directly. By clicking on: "View details of the check".

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