Official Recommendations

Official production deployment recommendations


To obtain official support from our team, we have a minimum set of requirements. These requirements are necessary for us to access essential system information, provide an SLA, answer questions, or give a solution to the problem.

Only installations matching these minimum requirements can be covered by our SLAs and our paid Support Policy; some conditions may vary depending on the installation size, as described below.

Docker container

We strongly recommend using our official Docker images to eliminate environment issues of missing, outdated, or mismatching dependencies, specific operating system issues, or issues during manual installations.

The datarhei Restreamer's cloud uses our official Docker images, making this installation method the most tested.

Docker is widely used for packaging applications in containers and distributing them as images, providing abstraction and isolation layers from the OS (operational system). In addition, it allows the application to be shipped with a specific version of the OS compatibility layer and its dependencies already installed and configured.

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