How do I connect a USB camera to the Restreamer?

We explain how to connect a USB video device to a datarhei Restreamer.

USB device as a video source in datarhei Restreamer

Before the restreamer recognizes the USB device, check if the device is installed correctly. As soon as the device is available on the host system, it is automatically displayed in the restreamer. Use USB device as a video source in datarhei Restreamer

The "USB Video Class" (UVC) contains devices that stream video over USB and brings them together into a particular class of USB devices. They are webcams, camcorders, transcoders, and devices that can convert analog tape material to a digital format. UVC video sources are displayed as video sources in the datarhei Restreamer's graphical user interface and are active for live streaming with a few simple steps.

If unexpected behavior occurs, a reboot of the host system will help.

If unexpected behavior occurs, restarting the datarhei Restreamer will help.

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