General system settings

Check and control all device settings.

1 General system settings

Locked settings that have been set with environment variables at startup are marked with ENV. Disable or adjust environment variables unlocks the settings.

The expert mode extends the configuration possibilities.

2 General


The node ID can be used to uniquely identify the running datarhei core.


The name makes it easier for people to identify the core. In addition, it is generated automatically or can be customized.

3 Update

Enable automatic check for updates.

Once a Core is connected to the service, the service will notify you of updates.

4 Expert mode

In the expert mode, you have access to all functions of datarhei Restreamer, including the export of databases or the encryption of external files. Due to the significantly extended range of functions compared to the beginner mode, the expert mode is primarily intended for users who already know the program and want its full range of functions.

5 Restart

Restarting the Core.

6 Save

Do not forget to save the settings.

7 Abort

Unsaved settings will be lost by aborting.

8 Close window

Closes the active window without saving.

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