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Code injection

The custom code injection helps use external widgets or styles for advanced users. You will find some example code on the help page.
Fig. 1: Code injection for the publication website.
Fig. 2: Code injection with code examples.

2 Extend header

Insert code in the header style. Code at the end of the body, for example, to use external scripts.
<link rel="stylesheet" src="something"/>

3 Extend channel list

Insert code in the channel list.
<link rel="stylesheet" src="something"/>

4 Extend content

Insert code between the description of the live stream and the author's name. An example, for a comment widget or social media widget.
<link rel="stylesheet" src="something"/>
Insert code into the header style.
<link rel="stylesheet" src="something"/>

6 Open player site

Opens the publication website in a browser tab.

7 Save

Save to save the settings.

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