Encoding compatibility list

These encoders work well with the Restreamer.

H.264 OpenMAX IL

OpenMAXβ„’ is a royalty-free, cross-platform API that provides comprehensive streaming media codec and application portability by enabling accelerated multimedia components to be developed, integrated, and programmed across multiple operating systems and silicon platforms.

Raspberry Pi (Rasbian Bullseye, 32/64 Bit)

Video processing with a maximum of 1920x1080 pixels.

H.264 V4L2-M2M

Video4Linux (V4L2) is a collection of device drivers and an API for supporting real-time video capture on Linux systems.

Rasperry Pi (Rasbian Buster, Userland, 32 Bit)

Video processing with a maximum of 1920x1080 pixels.


Nvidia NVENC is a feature in Nvidia graphics cards that performs video encoding, offloading this compute-intensive task from the CPU to a dedicated part of the GPU.

H.264 Intel VA-API

VA-API (Video Acceleration API) user-mode driver for Intel GEN Graphics family VA-API is an open-source library and API specification which provides access to graphics hardware acceleration capabilities for video processing.

H.264 VideoToolbox

VideoToolbox is a low-level framework for macOS that provides direct access to hardware encoders and decoders. In addition, it provides services for video compression and decompression and conversion between raster image formats stored in CoreVideo pixel buffers.

H.264 (libx264)

x264 is a free and open-source software library and a command-line utility developed by VideoLAN for encoding video streams into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video coding format.

H.265 (libx265)

x265 is a software codec for creating digital video streams in the High-Efficiency Video Coding video compression format developed by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding.

VP9 (libvpx-vp9)

ibvpx is a free software video codec library from Google and the Alliance for Open Media. It is the reference software implementation for the VP8 and VP9 video coding formats. For AV1, a special fork named libaom was stripped of backward compatibility.

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