How can I use YouTube with the Restreamer?

With just a few clicks, any video source can be sent to YouTube via the Restreamer's Publication Service for use as a live stream.

Create YouTube Live Stream

In Restreamer

  1. Select Publication Service

  2. Enter a valid streaming ID from YouTube

  3. Click on the Save button

  4. Once connected to YouTube Live, the bitrate of the live stream will be displayed in the main Restreamer window.

  5. Click Stop to pause the stream.

Quick Start Guide

How to start a livestream to YouTube using the Publication Service with the free open source video software datarhei Restreamer.

YouTube Video: Quick start guide live stream to YouTube with the Restreamer

YouTube Studio

A helpful guide for live streaming is on YouTube. The guide helps to find the streaming ID for the restreamer.

Always end the stream on YouTube first after an event. If you interrupt the stream in the Restreamer during a live stream, YouTube may not save your live stream in the DVR archive.

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