How can I stream to Facebook Live?

Any video source can be sent to Facebook with the Restreamer and posted there as a live event with a few clicks.

It may be that Facebook has adjusted the process on the platform. However, the basic principle with the streaming key will always remain the same. Visit Facebook Help if you are not sure how to use it.

Just 4 steps to live stream on Facebook

Step by step to your live stream on Facebook

RS = Clicks in Restreamer FB = Clicks on Facebook

  1. RS: Go to Publication Service in your Restreamer.

  2. RS: Click on Facebook

  3. RS: Click on Settings.

  4. RS: Give a name to the Publication Service (optional)

  5. FB: Copy the stream key on Facebook

  6. RS: Paste the stream key or permanent stream key in the restreamer.

  7. RS: Enter backup server (optional)

  8. RS: Process settings are good on default values for all applications. We advise changing the settings only if necessary.

  9. RS: Click on save to start the video stream to Facebook. A preview will be displayed on Facebook.

  10. FB: Write a description and a title for the live stream.

  11. Click go live now. If you want to schedule a broadcast for later, click Schedule Live Video Event.

Facebook Creator Studio

You can find a helpful guide for live streaming on Facebook. The guide will help you find the streaming ID for the restreamer.

The stream should always be manually stopped on Facebook first. If the stream is interrupted elsewhere during a social media stream, Facebook may not save the live stream in the archive.

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