Basic Troubleshooting

Most errors have only a tiny cause and are easy to fix. What you have to check first is described in this document in 3 steps.

The problems

Most problems occur in one of these three sections.

  1. Video-Input

  2. Player-Streaming

  3. Publication-Service

The following standard troubleshooting procedure is proven to find a quick solution before contacting us.

Step 1: Test with virtual source

As a first procedure, check whether the error also occurs with a test transmission

Step 2: Check log files

Look into the process details and find the error to fix it.

pageProcess details

Step 3: Open issue

If steps 1 and 2 were unsuccessful, create a Github issue and attach the process report.

Describe the problem as detailed as possible. The more information you give us about your project, the better we can find a solution for you that fits your setup and will solve your problem.

pageProcess report

Always attach the process report to your issue.

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