datarhei Restreamer
datarhei Restreamer provides real-time live video streaming on websites and social media platforms without additional streaming provider costs for video hosting or software licensing costs.
datarhei Restreamer is a modern video streaming platform where teams can live stream and restream everything from webcams to broadcasting. We want to help teams to stream more efficiently by creating a simple yet powerful service for them to live stream video. Our mission is to make a user-friendly and powerful product for everyone to stream video.
datarhei Restreamer is best installed on a current Raspberry Pi. The hardware and the operating system do not matter - as long as Docker is available.

What does the datarhei Restreamer offer?

  • Live streaming on websites without additional service providers, video hosting providers. Instantly available, free of charge, and without advertising.
Fig. 1: Main screen of datarhei Restreamer v2.
  • Share live videos publicly or privately with anyone, or use a secret link to give your audience access to private content.
Fig. 2: Overview of Publication Services in datarhei Restreamer V2
  • Enjoy a simple streaming server with self-installation on your server or Raspberry Pi. Or sign up on our website and use our ready-to-go datarhei Service.
Fig. 3: Overview of the different streaming protocols from datarhei Restreamer V2.
  • The fully documented API helps with software development. datarhei Restreamer is very easy to adapt to any project.

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What does the datarhei Restreamer offer?
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