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datarhei offers you free community support via GitHub and on our public Discord.

Which services are particularly relevant for you, and how would you like to reach us in case of need? Choose the scope of services that best suits you from our Tier 1, Tier2, and Tier3 support packages on Patreon.

Spoken and written language is English and German.

What support options are available?

Email support for all customers with Tier 1 Level

datarhei.com offers you free email support, a telephone support hotline with helpful employees, and fast processing of your concerns via the ticket system. Which services are particularly relevant for you, and how would you like to reach us in case of need? Please select Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 from our support packages, the scope of services that suits you best.

  • Helpdesk access

  • Remote Installation for Restreamer or Core.

  • 15 Min. TeamViewer Session

  • Communication via email or Chat

Someone from the datarhei team will help install and support a Restreamer or Core. For example, we can provide a download with an ISO for Raspberry Pi or help with troubleshooting in a short TeamViewer session (limit of 15 Min per session). Communication can take place via email or chat on our Discord. The language is English and German.

Ticket prioritization for customers with Tier 2 Level

If you have a support package Tier 2 or Tier 3, your tickets in our ticket system will automatically be assigned a higher priority. However, if you still want to reduce the response time to your request, we recommend our Tier 3 support package.

  • Priority helpdesk access

  • Answering general and technical questions

  • Help with professional applications

Phone support hotline for customers with Tier 3 Level

Would you like telephone assistance with a technical matter? That's no problem because this service is included in the Tier 3 support package and higher. Our helpful support and development staff will do their best to fix the error as quickly as possible. In addition, a specialist from the datarhei team advises on specific questions regarding the integration and use of datarhei software for applications in critical and high-availability systems and complex existing system landscapes with monetary business models.

  • Highest priority helpdesk

  • Software developers fix bugs

  • Personal telephone contact

Individual support package for customers with the Support Package Enterprise

The Enterprise Support Package is put together specifically to meet your needs. In addition to all the services from all Tier Support Packages, it contains services specially tailored to you. Contact our sales staff to receive a quote for a customized support package.

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