datarhei keeps video data flowing and is the world's most outstanding video service.

Whether your streaming has one viewer or a million, we have the tools to help you develop, deploy and manage any video project at any stage. We've solved the challenging problems so you can focus on your application, not your infrastructure.

| Free video streaming without a video provider | Runs on every operating system | Selfhosting optimized | Free for private and commercial use | Developer-friendly | Open source software

datarhei UNIVERSE

Multifaceted and field-tested. No two streaming projects are the same. We support many devices, networks, and setups. We have refined our platform by working with thousands of streamers, administrators, and developers using devices in production.

datarhei Restreamer

datarhei Restreamer offers smart free video streaming in real-time.

The datarhei Restreamer is a complete streaming server solution for self-hosting. Upload your live stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo, or other streaming solutions like Wowza. Receive video data from OBS and publish it with the internal RTMP server. A visually appealing user interface, No ongoing license costs. Complete control over the video data at any time. The Bandwidth limitation helps to calculate the traffic costs to reduce financial and technical risks. It is GDPR compliant without third-party providers and no saving audience data. The Restreamer Docker image is easy to install and runs on Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and single-board computers. Beginners are supported by assistance and test systems and immediately find their way around the complexity of a video server. Professionals appreciate the fast and spontaneous configuration options for complex settings of the applications in everyday work.

| Admin Panel | Selfhosting streaming solution | Free video streaming without a video provider | 100% data control | Runs everywhere with Docker and Podman | The setup wizard is available to install a new live stream | Simplified admin panel | Creative Commons standard licensing | HTML Landingpage | More than 50 video formats | Video sources from USB, network, virtual, and Raspberry Pi camera | Stream everywhere! | Logging | User and system monitoring | GPU encoding | HDMI output | HTTPS SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt | Entirely integrated professional player ready to start on the fly.

Restreamer in a nutshell: Simplified User-Interface, REST-API (JSON) and 100% Swagger documented, GraphQL, Multiple A/V Inputs and Outputs, Multiple protocols and codecs, perfect Raspberry Pi (MMAL/OMX), Nvidia Cuda, Intel VAAPI support, Support for Hardware- and Virtual-Devices, FFmpeg Video-Processing (as native as possible), Build-in Clappr video player for your Website, Configurable Player site for streaming without player embedding, HTTP/S- (HLS) and RTMP/S-Streaming Server, Auto. Let's Encrypt HTTPS certification, Viewer/Bandwidth Monitoring and limiting, Ressource monitoring (optionally by Prom-Metrics), Server- and Process-Logging

The Restreamer contains many neat functions that make everyday streaming easier and greatly expand the application possibilities of the program.

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